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Online Dental Assistant School

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Few Dental Courses in colleges or community colleges exist for front desk personnel. Online programs are just as rare.

“However, training is ABSOLUTELY necessary to become an office manager or receptionist.”

  • Certificate Program
  • Take Basic Dental Office Receptionist and Dental Office Manager-PRO separately or together!
  • “How to get your dream career, fast” Post Match Job Assistance Program
  • “What your Dentist is looking for?” Post Match Job Assistance Program
  • Dental Assistant School Deland, FL
  • Dental Assistant School Orange City, FL
  • Dental Assistant School Deltona, FL

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The #1 Reason why dentists don’t hire fresh employees without any education, is because the TIME needed to train! Learn online and at your own speed. Get your certificate on your own time.

Dental Offices will often throw away the resumes of great potential candidates because the lack of experience. Even further, they just want “some” skills. Training a new employee is not much of an option. Dental Offices can spend months training an employee, then the employee could quit! Training in our program will give you preference over the other candidates. We know what Dental Offices WANT. We know how to train you. Start today, be happy later. We are offering Dental Assistant School in Orange City and a Dental Assistant School in Deltona too.

Dental Assisting Schools Florida

We will be providing schools for these locations coming soon!

  • Daytona Beach Dental Assisting School
  • Deland Dental Assisting School
  • Sanford Dental Assistant School
  • Alachua Dental Assisting School
  • Gainesville Dental Assisting School
  • Boca Raton Dental Assistant School
  • Panama City Dental Assisting School
  • Oviedo Dental Assisting School
  • Ormond Beach Dental Assisting School
  • Coconut Creek Dental Assisting School
  • Coral Springs Dental Assisting School
  • Orlando Dental Assisting School
  • Miami Dental Assistant School
  • St. Augustine Dental Assistant School
  • Lake Mary Dental Assisting School
  • Melbourne Dental Assistant School
  • Talahassee Dental Assisting School
  • Winter Springs Dental Assisting School
  • Fort Myers Dental Assisting School
  • West Palm Beach Dental Assistant School

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“Can I Do This?”

Yes You Can. Using our methods to teach will make the transition to the real world much easier. Often most courses concentrate on “textbook” processes. In the real world, everything is different.

Start Today. Sign Up and start your career. You just need that extra push. Call for a free sample of coursework and our schedule.

Our Dream was to have an Online Dental Assisting School with a home base in Orange City and Deltona Florida. Today we are accepting New Students and opening another Online Dental Assisting School in Houston and New York too!

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About the Institute

The Dental Office Institute is the perfect training system for those that want to start a career in dentistry or learn new skills in the dental industry.

We have combined the absolute best knowledge of all the best dental trainers across the United States and Online in an easy to learn format. Dentistry is our passion. Leading the dental office is our goal. Separating ourselves from the norm is our specialty. Allow us to train you today and give you your dream career. We are allowing students to come to our Dental Assisting school in Orange City and Deltona as well.

Why Choose Us

  • Learn from the Best in Dental Office Training (Dentistry and PSYCHOLOGY)
  • Learn at your Own Pace                    (Keep your JOB until Certification)
  • Dentists course work developed and trained
  • Post Match Career Program                 (Get your Dream JOB)
  • One of the first Online Dental Office Receptionist Schools and Dental Office Manager Schools
  • Affordable Option to on-campus Schooling (Dental Assistant School in Orange City and Dental Assistant School in Deltona and Deland Available soon)

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