New York Dental Office Training Annual Seminar Series coming this May

The DentalOffice Institute Started its idea/business in New York, New York. There is something about the city that ignites dreams and passion. The next seminar series will come perfectly in time in the spring of 2014. Email or Call to find out more details on the seminar series

Travel is exciting in New York. JetBlue is the recommended option into JFK International airport. From there the subway is the next recommended option on the LIRR. After arriving, hail a taxi to find your final destination. Get ready for an exciting weekend!


  • Andrew Yoon

    We picked New York for the DentalOffice Institute because it was central to a lot of different cultures trying to get into the dental office manager field. Any suggestions for extracurricular activities?

    • Melissa

      I am so excited! I can’t wait! My boss is paying for me to go!

  • Andrew Yoon

    This was our first realization that we made it “there.” New York is amazing, but more importantly it will give us motivation to inspire others. I believe that everyone will get more than they expect.