Dental Assisting or Dental Office Front Desk? Which is better?

Call me crazy, but from a financial standpoint, is dental assisting on its way out? Not necessarily. From what I have gathered the schooling is 9 months to a year and can cost $16,000.00! More importantly when students get out the wage is $3-10.00 / hour less! ¬†Don’t get me wrong we need dental assistants, but I am certain that the office manager position or front desk has much more to offer. However, having skills in both areas makes you the office superhero.

I think that there is a new trend happening in the dental field today and tomorrow. Dentists are being more involved in the marketing aspect of dentistry (not for monetary gain but mostly for promoting health and money being a byproduct). With scheduling and creating that dream office, dentists are much more willing to pay the front office staff much more. After all, you can’t meet the dentist without getting through to the front desk first. Having the knowledge of the back office makes it all the better.

I found this online look at #9.

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