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When can I start?

The Knowledge is just too much. All of Our Online Dental Office School programs train our students so that they can start their careers. Our students have completed the coursework to not just work in a dental office, but be able to excel and receive bonuses! Our programs are developed from the best practices and teachers internationally. (EFDA will require radiology and EFDA certificate)

Long ?

Whenever you want! The beauty of online learning is the ability to learn at your own time. Many of our students have day jobs and can learn after work! Many of our students have children, and don’t have time during the day to pursue other careers on campus. Complete the coursework, get your certificate, and let us help you find your dream career! (EFDA will require some further training) We can combine an online dental assisting school experience and an online dental office training school too. For those that want to run the front desk we also offer a Dental Office Manager School 

How much money can I really make?

This is the Little Secret that few people know about. Dental offices have a very high income. They rely solely on their staff (mostly on the front desk personnel and assistants) to make money. Dentists love it when their practices are running smoothly or producing well. The front desk personnel are the first to receive weekly, monthly, and yearly bonuses. It is very common to receive bonuses out of a whim! Often times these bonuses can be half of their regular paycheck or equal to 2 weeks of pay! Nowadays, there are many front office personnel making more money than 4-6 year college degrees! This is your second chance, take it and run. We have personally seen a $1,000.00 – $2,000 bonuses!

Can I get a Dental Office Manager Certificate?

After receiving your certificate, we have developed a unique  Personalized Job Acquisition Program to get your dream career. Our Post Match Career Finder Program : 1. Helps you find which office you want to work for and distinguishing yourself. 2. Sends a “Resume Package.” including a personalized letter and email signed by our CEO and President. (Not just a piece of paper or folder) 3. Trains and Prepares you for the Interview process using PSYCHOLOGY.

Is this affordable?

We have found that the training, certificate, and career acquisition program is significantly more affordable than on campus or community college living. The hours that are missed, the living expenses, and the 2-6 year wait is often too much of a financial burden. This is an investment! Traveling to a dental assisting school or dental office receptionist school is far more expensive.

Is it Worthwhile?

When was the last time you heard someone say “I wish I didn’t learn or train?!” Your training to your new career path is absolutely worth it. You have stumbled upon one of the most profitable/return on investments in the career world. Become a Dental Office Manager and work at the Dental Front Desk. Get online to get a Dental Office Manager Certificate. This is one of the first Dental Office Manager Schools online. 

Does your Dental School Donate?

Where is Your Tuition going? Our Personal net income is divided. We donate 51% of our net income to Mission endeavors and/or charity! That is more than we personally take home to our family! Feel good that your are actually benefiting a great cause and helping those across seas that don’t have the opportunity to learn, eat, or sleep like we do in the US. Thank you for helping our cause with Your Tuition.

Have more Questions?

We are very good at emailing and returning questions within 1-2 hours. Even further our program is very straight forward. We have created outlines, visuals, videos, audio, and narrative to help facilitate the learning process. Email us First

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