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Florida Dental Office Training

Growth in our Florida Training Programs has been tremendous. We have held conferences in the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, FL through the Cape Vista Dental Seminar Series. An exciting weekend course was completed in the Presidential Suite and Conference rooms.


Dental Assisting or Dental Office Front Desk? Which is better?

Call me crazy, but from a financial standpoint, is dental assisting on its way out? From what I have gathered the schooling is 9 months to a year and can cost $16,000.00! More importantly when students get out the wage is $3-10.00 / hour less! Don’t get me wrong we need dental assistants, but I am certain that the office manager position or front desk has much more to offer.


What is Trending in Dentistry Today?

We’re depending solely on the staff on this one. Dentists can’t function at their optimal speed without the help of the right people. It takes the right person to make or break an office. The Dental Office Receptionists are the ones being challenged to get “there.” These bonus programs and office “vacation get aways” are becoming more normal in this field. Who know what the next 3 years are going to bring.

New Computer Technology

Real Life In-Office Dental Training

We have personally hired numerous new dental assistants out of school. They lasted 2-3 weeks tops! It’s surprising because they were taught textbook dentistry. Why not learn how a real dental office works? Brilliant right?

A lot of dental training schools don’t have an actual office environment. It’s like a pilot and a flight simulator. Yeah, you know what everything is, but do you really know how to fly a plane? Can you feel the controls, know exactly how it feels? No! It’s nice having an actual office to hone in your skills.

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New York City Dental Training

New York! Exciting as it sounds, it really is. New York will push you and your career. Be prepared because things happen fast.

Sign up today for our seminar series. Learn what the top professionals are practicing. Make a weekend out of it.